How to find a phone number

Today, many people voluntarily share their geodata with friends and close relatives in messengers and social networks. But not everyone is ready for such openness. And the concern for children or elderly parents, distrust of the other half forces us to look for ways to find the geolocation of the phone number. Is it possible to do it unnoticed by the target subscriber, and how accurate the location will be? Below we will answer these questions in detail and break down the most popular and effective ways of searching cell phones.

Search for your smartphone or tablet by phone number

Spyware to find phones by phone number

Just 5-7 years ago, spyware was considered the easiest and most reliable way to determine the location of a smartphone or tablet. Today, of course, they have not lost their functionality, but they have acquired a number of significant drawbacks. Spyware applications have become easily detected by anti-viruses, consume quite a lot of smartphone or tablet resources, and leave "traces" in running processes and root directories.

In addition to the fact that the installation of spyware has always required physical access to the target subscriber's device, now almost any user can at an inopportune moment notice and remove such software. But since we are talking about such applications, it is worth taking a closer look at the most popular of them.

  • Auto Forward - a simple and convenient software that allows you not only to find the phone on the map by number, but also to monitor the activity of the target subscriber in social networks.
  • Highster Mobile is a program for spying on iPhones. Geolocation is not its main function, but you can find out the location of the target subscriber from data in messengers and social networks.
  • Phonespector - the working principle of the software is similar to the standard tools such as Find My iPhone and Find My Device. But also the application records all incoming and outgoing calls and allows you to download them to your PC or smartphone.
  • Spyic is another handy application that includes keylogger, SIM tracker, call and SMS monitoring. But, like all previous options, the program requires installation on the target subscriber's phone. And if with children or parents such a solution will be appropriate, then it will not be possible to monitor the wife or husband in this way.
  • Cocospy - has more than 35 different functions that allow you to find out all the information about the subscriber. But unfortunately, to install the software on Android you need physical access to your device, and on iOS you need your iCloud account information.

How to find a person by phone number using databases

This method is unlikely to help find out the exact geolocation of the subscriber in real time, but it will give a lot of information for a competent search.

  • Spydialer is an extensive directory that allows you to find out the name, phone numbers, addresses, place of work and other information about a person. The database can be searched by phone number, residence address or e-mail. Unfortunately, the data obtained is often out of date.
  • ZoSearch is another well-known search engine, which helps to find complete information about the person of interest. Presented service collects data from public sources, structures them and provides the most complete biography of the target subscriber. The search is performed by name, phone number, address and other personal information.

Presented databases will not help to find the phone on the map, as limited only to official information. And if the person you are looking for does not live at the place of registration, such information is likely to be useless.

Geolocation services from mobile operators

Verizon service that will allow you to find a phone on the map by number

For example, the mobile operator Verizon offers its subscribers the Smart Family™ service, which allows to track the location of family members in real time. In addition, the program helps to filter content, limit and control incoming/outgoing calls and text messages, and turn off the Internet at specified times.

Such services are available from almost all mobile operators, and it makes little sense to describe each of them. If you are worried about your child or a close relative, contact the company servicing your SIM and find the most convenient program for you.

Unfortunately, secretly finding phones on the map by number in this way will not work. The subscriber will still find out about the connected program and, provided you have set up the service secretly from the person, is likely to make a grand scandal.

Online services for cell phone search

Cellular operators are constantly monitoring our phones, and they do this by transmitting signals from base stations to activated SIM cards. But it is not only large corporations that can use this feature. Today, any subscriber can find the phone by number using GSM-networks. It is only necessary to use proven services for this purpose.

One of the popular and effective applications to track the geolocation of your mobile device is H-T Locator. The program works online, collects information in real time and does not require pre-installation on your smartphone or tablet. Another advantage of N-T Locator (compared to the methods presented above) is its anonymity. The application does not consume the resources of the target subscriber's device and does not appear in running processes.

Web-application H-T Locator for phone number search

NT-Locator connects directly to the network of the cellular operator and intercepts the signal transmitted between the base stations and the SIM-card of the target subscriber. That is, just like the cellular operator, the presented program determines the location of the phone to within a few meters (when searching in a city with a fairly large number of mobile base stations).

The presented application is distinguished by:

  • high speed of work - data collection takes no more than 10-15 minutes;
  • Fault tolerance - more than 96% of successfully completed sessions;
  • guarantee - payment is required only after receiving the target information.

Almost all of the spyware presented above not only requires physical access to the subscriber's device, but also requires payment before it can be used. And at the installation stage, you can't be 100% sure whether or not you'll need this software and whether or not you'll definitely get the information you're looking for with it.

NT-Locator first connects to the desired phone number, collects geodata, marks routes on the map and provides you with information about the subscriber's last location. You only need to deposit money to get more detailed information. In this case, the data you are looking for at this point will already be collected and formed into a single archive.


Presented services and applications, allowing to find the phone by number, differ in their functionality and complexity of use. In each case, a person chooses the most convenient solution for himself. But before installing third-party software on the user's device, remember that you can legally monitor the movement and activity in the network only with the consent of the subscriber.

In this aspect, N-T Locator also compares favorably to other search methods. After all, when using this software, the only confirmation of your actions will be the history of activity in the web application. Therefore, we recommend always logging out of your account and not saving passwords in your browser to prevent other family members from logging into your account.