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NT-Locator is a universal solution for tracking personal data and subscriber's address on the map. You only need to enter the target phone number to start the search.

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Determine the GPS Location of a Find Person by Phone Number | NT-Locator
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NT-Locator online phone book

How to find out a person's address by phone number

The NT-Locator technology interacts with the databases of mobile operators. After receiving a target phone number or other input data, the software searches for identical data, and duplicates the results in a third-party web interface. Geodata from cellular towers is analyzed to determine the most visited addresses by the subscriber, which is converted into a point on the map in the user's Dashboard.

Application Features

Determine who owns the number

The application shows all of the subscriber's personal data stored about him by the mobile operator - name and surname, passport data, linked numbers (relevant for family packages). In addition, it copies data about the last incoming and outgoing calls: the number of the interlocutor, time and date of call initiation, duration of the conversation, and coordinates of the subscriber's location during the call.

Portable Gadgets
Access to major databases

Run a phone number from an address

Search by IMEI

The software has access to the largest databases in all countries. To identify a phone number from an address, it performs a quick search through all databases and then broadcasts the most relevant matches to the Dashboard. In the case of multiple registered numbers at an address, the application may ask you a few additional questions to complete the search.

Track a phone number by car number

A similar approach is used to identify the owner of a car, the software searches for data on cars with specified license numbers in large data archives. The tool has non-obvious but extremely handy functions: for example, once the phone number is tracked, you can set up real-time tracking of the target subscriber's movements.

Features of NT-Locator technology

To determine the personal data of subscribers of any mobile operators, you should use the telephone directory online NT-Locator. Below is a brief instruction explaining how to punch in another person's number in 3 steps.


Enter the target phone number and create an account

The software will check the number. After it is completed, you will receive a corresponding notification with confirmation of the possibility of penetration. Then register your NT-Locator account - options are available with registration by e-mail address or authorization through social networks.


Pay for the right package

The difference between the packages is in the additional functionality, and the number of subscribers whose phone numbers you can punch in. Payment can be made through one of the popular payment systems or through cryptocurrency payment.


Move on to working with data

Once the data search is complete, log in to your account via the Dashboard. The first thing to do is to read the Manual to understand all the features of the software. Then we recommend setting up the application - activate the necessary tools.

What our clients think of us

Read what our customers have to say on our customer testimonials page

star star star star star5

Great app, with it I was able to punch the phone number of a man who constantly blocked my car with his own in the parking lot. The emergence of such applications is very encouraging, I think it will make our society a little more disciplined! By the way, I suspect that I haven't figured out a third of the available NT-Locator functionality, so it is quite possible that I will still be using it in the future.

tw Taiwan
instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

It all worked out! Lately I've been getting a lot of SMS messages of not the most censorious nature from an unfamiliar number. NT-Locator has no complaints at all, I give it the highest rating!

us USA
facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

It didn't bother me much, but after a similar text message came to my wife, I decided to try to figure out what the number was. A friend recommended NT-Locator as the most stable non-tracking app, I tried to find out the name and address of the owner of the phone number, and in just a few minutes everything became clear. Quality app, I recommend it!

de Germany
instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I work in an advertising agency and I want to share a case! We have at our disposal a large amount of contact data of our clients' target audience, and when combined with NT Tracker, it yields killer results. We use the software to find people's addresses by phone number: we load a table with contacts and get a long list of addresses in the output. We are very happy with the app.

fr France
instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I used this phone book to track down the home address of an acquaintance using her phone number. Interface - 5 out of 5, everything is clear and accessible. Functionality - 5 out of 5, on my old smartphone the application was flying! The cost also seems to me more than adequate. Handsome!

mx Mexico
facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

Finally found a decent online directory! Before I used mostly solutions that allow you to punch in a person's address and name by phone number for free, and in terms of experience this is certainly another level.

ca Canada
Google Google
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

How often do I have to pay for the software?
Our pricing policy provides for a one-time payment for the selected package of services. That is, once you pay for the software, you get full access to its functionality forever.
Can I keep the information I receive offline?
The application is able to save the tracked data in the device cache, for this purpose it is necessary to activate Synchronization with the device in Settings. In addition, the data can be stored in the form of tables - in the NT-Locator you can quickly export the data in a CSV-file.
What data about the subscriber will the app provide if I run the person through the phone number?
The software tracks the subscriber's first and last name, the model of phone used, home address, passport data, time of last activity in the cellular network, and the current geolocation of the device.
How up-to-date is the information provided in the app?
The application interacts with the most current databases, all changes in them are duplicated in the Personal Dashboard of NT-Locator in real time.
Will the received data continue to be stored in the NT-Locator database after I finish using the application?
All account data is erased from our servers when the account is deleted. You are the only person who can initiate it.