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Determine Phone Geoposition via Satellite

Update 3.15: Remote ringtone playback

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Users don´t have to download and install anything, the software displays location of the tracked cell phone in web interface. To launch the search you don´t need either access to target device or confirmation of its current owner. NT-Locator provides the highest possible accurasy: normally, the highest error doesn´t exceed 3 square meters.

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Determine the GPS Location of a Find Person by Phone Number | NT-Locator
Movement History

en USA, Waldorf
3580 Goswell Aly, MD 20603 now
5109 Jumprock Ct hour ago
5901 Herring Ct 2 hours ago

Find the phone even if it´s offline

Software doesn´t require consent of the device owner

The only condition required for successful positioning is an active SIM card inserted in the target device. If the device is turned off or out of range of the network, software will display coordinates of last tracked geolocation. Application is compatible with any mobile operator worldwide.

Finding a device by number

Displaying devices on the map

Use the search function via NT-Locator and determine its current location on the map. Can't find your lost phone or has it fallen into the hands of intruders? The software will identify the source of the GSM signal via satellite and display the exact location of the device on the map. The unique principles of operation are available without prior setup or preparation. This means that you will find the device at any time by simply entering the number.

Find My Device

Android smartphones and tablets

en 1214 28th St NW, Washington


en 1069 Thomas Jefferson St NW

10 min ago

en 1230 30th St NW, Washington

15 min ago

en 1060 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington

5 min ago

Search any smartphones and tablets with Android OS support. Runs without the need to activate Find My Device and supports any manufacturer's device, regardless of brand and year of manufacture.

Find an Android device
Apple iCloud - Find My

Apple smartphones and tablets

It doesn't matter which device you lost. The NT-Locator is the same Detects your iPhone or iPad effectively, regardless of the installed iOS version. The search function is available without prior activation of Apple iCloud - Find My App.

Find iPhone / iPad

en 1207 35th St NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA


en 3426 Prospect St, Washington, DC 20007, USA

11 min ago

en 1215 34th St NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA

15 min ago

en 3316 Prospect St NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA

5 minutes ago

Mobile operators

Mobile operators

Even the most outdated cell phone receives and sends a GSM signal to the mobile operator, which allows its track online via satellite. The triangulation method used is compatible with most operators in over 180 regions.

Phone Search
Devices and gadgets

Portable Gadgets

Many modern devices with a SIM module support cellular communication or are connected to a network to receive mobile Internet. This could be a laptop, the Apple Watch, drones, and other devices with e-SIM.

Find the device
Portable Gadgets
Offline Search

Search by IMEI

Search by IMEI

Does your phone have no cellular signal or is it currently offline? Specify IMEI number and NT-Locator will reveal its last location if there is a connection. This information will help you understand where the device was before it was disconnected.

Find by IMEI

Location control

There is no need to install any software or change the structure of the target device in any way. Using the service and you will be able to find phone location, find out his location in real time up to 3 meters, monitor his movement, online. The process is fully automated system works for you without stopping and excludes any manifestations of the human factor at each stage.

International level

We don't limit our search results to a specific country or continent, we think bigger! Use services to find or track your device anywhere in the world.

Today the platform successfully locates subscribers of major cellular operators in 125 countries. Motiv, Obit, T-Mobile, Kiivstar, Kcell, Velcom, Altel, Vodafone and others.

How does it work?

NT-Locator - online interface that exploits a vulnerability Signalling System No.7 (SS7) cellular networks to identify the location of the phone by number. Behind the simple and clear Dashboard is a set of cyber solutions that allows you to connect to the protocol of the mobile operator and intercept the subscriber's data packet, including its IMSI location. The process is fully automated and is engaged in a few steps.


Data privacy

Phone number, subscriber phone location, movement history, and other data about users and tracked devices are stored in the account database, and no one, including the NT-Locator team, has access to them. All tracked information is deleted from our servers if you decide to delete or freeze your account.


Simultaneous tracking of multiple devices

From a single NT-Locator account, you can simultaneously track the geolocation of up to 5 devices. After you create a new location tracking session by phone number, the actual geodata will be displayed on the interactive map in Dashboard. There are several tracking modes available: with display of one of the target devices, only selected devices, or simultaneous display of the location of all devices.


Without confirmation or consent of the owner

The application determines location by phone number in the background, without the subscriber's consent. Moreover, we guarantee the anonymity of surveillance regardless of which operator's services a person uses: from the point of view of subscriber data access laws, geo-positioning is monitored legally.


You get an additional discount if you pay for multiple device searches at once or use the service repeatedly.

24/7 support

Find 1 device

All possibilities for the basic tariff

69 /usd.

24/7 support

Find for 3 devices

All possibilities for the optimal tariff

147 /usd.

24/7 support

Find for 5 devices

All possibilities for business tariff

195 /usd.


What our clients think of us

Read what our customers have to say on our customer testimonials page

star star star star star5

My ex-boyfriend started behaving strangely, and I bought an NT Locator to find out where he was disappearing. The program finds the location of a person on the phone instantly, I put 5 out of 5!

us USA
instagram Instagram
Sipes Marley
Sipes Marley
star star star star star5

A good way to keep track of where your children are. The app works steadily and, just as importantly, anonymously. The children's geolocation is broadcast to my phone, and they have no idea about it. As a result, both they and I can live in peace.

ca Canada
facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I work in a detective agency and the NT-Locator has increased the efficiency of my work many times over. Frankly speaking, I used to think that such technologies are available only for special services. Thanks a lot to the developers!

mx Mexico
instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I have my own small business, and my target audience is moms. The NT-Locator app is my main lead generator :) I copy the names of all the members of the local theme groups on Facebook, paste them into the app, put the name of my city, and get their phone numbers. It works flawlessly! A great solution, and for very adequate money.

fr France
instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I began to have doubts, so I bought the NT-Locator. It turned out to be perfectly fine, she was really doing yoga, and I obviously needed to stop filling my head with nonsense. Some would say that's not the best way to take care of a relationship, but it seems like a rational approach to me.

de Germany
facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

The NT-Locator helped a lot when I lost my phone during a fun night out with friends. Instead of running hungover through bars and police stations, I just typed my number into the app, and then the location of my phone showed up on the map. Much nicer to do it online while lying on the couch :)

us USA
Google Google
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International level

We don't limit our search results to a specific country or continent, we think bigger! The software works on all mobile platforms and networks worldwide

Track someone else's geolocation with your cell phone
You can find phone numbers and track someone else's geolocation using a mobile locator from any device. The software works steadily even on outdated smartphones and tablets. The application interface is well adapted and intuitive.
Sharing and invaluable resources
More importantly, NT-Locator continues to provide invaluable resources for companies and organizations to integrate into collaborative collaboration systems. This ensures the highest degree of user security when tracking geographic data.
Innovative use worldwide

Currently, the application is used in more than 150 countries around the world. This is due to a certain technological advantage of our product among online locators, as well as a large coverage area. In fact, there are only a few countries in the world whose residents cannot be tracked by the software for technological reasons.

Complex data on request
Tracking data Cellular data interception mechanisms allow requesting sensitive information about a subscriber from the mobile network operator. This information can include the subscriber's name, smartphone model, internal payment information, and contact list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

How accurate is the location of the device?
The accuracy of coordinate determination depends on many factors. Under normal conditions, it ranges from 1 to 20 meters. In rare cases, up to several kilometers.
What devices are supported by your system?
Positioning is possible for any modern device equipped with GPS and/or Glonass sensors, GSM module and with the ability to access the Internet. More than 95% of modern smartphones and tablets fall under this definition.
Can I track iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei (Honor), etc.?
Yes, you can. Our service is independent of the manufacturer and operating system of the tracked device.
Can the app find a lost phone?
The software is capable of setting the geolocation of any device if an active SIM card is inserted. The solution is also effective for finding lost or stolen devices.
Can I locate a person by phone number if the device is disconnected?
To broadcast your phone's location, your device must be turned on. The app will detect the current geolocation at the moment the target device is turned on, and send you a notification accordingly.
Do I need to install the software on tracked phone?
No, there is no need to download and install additional software on either the tracked or your device.
What mobile operators are supported?
The system is supported by all of the world's mobile network operators. The actual location of the device does not matter, so devices that are in national or international roaming can be tracked.
Is it possible to track the location of my phone for free?
You can become a member of our affiliate program. You will receive a unique referral link, which should be distributed among interested users. For each referred user you will receive referral fees, which can be used to pay for NT-Locator functionality.
How often does the app update information about your phone's current location?
Broadcast geodata occurs in real time, that is, the software updates information about the geolocation of devices constantly.
What is the cost of the service and the terms of its provision?
You can find out the cost of services provided in the section Tariffs. Also, before you start using the service, you should familiarize yourself with Terms of use & Privacy Policy.

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